Who we are?

We are business and marketing professionals. That has been working for 18 years in the United States, Europe, and also certain parts of the Middle East. Our clients have included some of the biggest names that are Blue Chip Companies within the Fortune 500; also we have worked with government agencies and world organizations such as the UN. We have extensive experience in establishing and expanding businesses. We decided to develop this project after studying business cycles, economic demand evolutions through the technology sector, so you and your business will be successful.


Our platforms has an estimated worth of $25,000,000

With us, you will have a top of the line e-commerce's module. Just imagine the savings for your business. Comparatively, on Wal-Mart's and Best-Buy's websites, in which millions of dollars have been invested just for the developing process.

E-commerce fact

Building an e-commerce business has never been easier!

With the other platforms, you will need to have the skills of a web developer even to customize your business website

Six months, will be the minimum estimated time to have a basic understanding of the tools, and functions on any open source platform; also to discover any potential bugs

After that six month period or whenever a bug is found, it will take another six months to research for your missing codes, and learn how to add on that function; this is the minimum estimated time.

Adding new codes or a modules with pre-written-codes may harm the entire system, and requires sometime to modifying the database, and in the most common case creates conflicts with other scripts. You will not realize it immediately, but it will show the error, and only when you try some of the functions; so you will have to run a full test to determine which parts haven't been harmed

Actually Happened: Food Business' owners used Open Source shopping cart for their business. Then to only find out that many of the promised features will not work on their software. These business' owners have not only lost valuable time, and resources, due to these glitches, but also customers. We contacted them and helped them find the right solution.

The most common three scenarios; are very hard for mid- size and small business!
First Scenario:


Do it by yourself


Cost: $0
Result: losing 6 months doing job isn't yours, and still struggling to get the basic


Jack a business man has the idea to save some money. Open an online store; he decides to do it by himself. Jim his friend tells Jack, "Go on to an Open Source or Hosted e-commerce platform." In reality, Jack didn't know that all the showcases, sample sites in the open source or hosted e-commerce platform presentation portfolio are designed by professional developers. Evidence of these professionals' work will be found at the footer on the platform. With the open source and hosted e-commerce platforms, these professional developers make money every time someone like Jack signs up. If Jack wants his online store to work he must pay more for: graphics, designs, logos interactive media, links, and etc. Pricing may vary and will not include bug fixes, code problems and etc.

Second Scenario:


Hire a private developer


Cost: $4,000-20,000, up front
Result: 1- If he stopped working for you, you will need another one to start from scratch!
2- You are still in charge


If he stopped working for you, you will need another one to start from scratch!

A business manager/owner is busy so he hires a private web developer that charges a minimum of $4,000 to have a basic online store. For customization, the web developer has to charge the business manager/owner an estimated another $4,000 -20,000; this price could be from 1 month through 2 years according to how many problems or modules the online store has. This amount also includes hosting and licensing, every time the developer will charge the business manager/owner for hosting and licensing before the online store is even finished.

Graphic Design will also raise the cost to extreme levels, according to how much time it takes before a logo or trademark is developed that the business manager/owner likes. Some developers are very busy with other customers, and will not have time to help the business manager/owner with little issues.

Third Scenario:


Hire a Web Development Company


Cost: $20,000-millions, up front
Result: Professional working online store

Great decision to put third party on charge. This business entrepreneur decides to hire a Web Solutions Company that promises to build them an online store. Initial costs are very high or higher according to the type of online store. They are under contract, so they have to keep paying the same company high fees for debugging, recoding, and etc. These costs will add up fast over time.





Cost: Starts from $50/month
Result: 1- Professional working online store from week one

We build and customized it for free
No risk required
No initial investment
No set up fees
Cancel Anytime


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